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SAS Rope & Rail have vast experience in the installation of banners and building signage, and is fully equipped to install a wide range of advertising media.

Large-scale banners situated on buildings and scaffolding provides a high impact and highly visible advertising medium, ensuring your message reaches a large target audience. Signs and banners can be hung on any building or scaffolding using a range of bespoke frame systems that are designed by our highly experienced team.

Using rope access, SAS Rope & Rail can install banners quickly and cost effectively, making us a modern and more efficient alternative to the traditional methods of access. We are scrupulous, and make sure our site operatives are supplied with detailed installation/ removal information for each of the banners or signs.

SAS Rope & Rail was heavily involved with delivering the large format media for the 2012 Olympic Games – working with the main media providers ICON WORLD and LOCOG.  Multi sites were delivered on time and within budget under the pressures associated with an event of that magnitude.  More recently we’ve had similar involvement with the 2015 Rugby World Cup across various sites.

If you’ve got good signage, we can provide good installation

While a well-designed sign can undoubtedly help your company to win new business, that sign’s effectiveness can be too easily hindered if it is not appropriately installed. Installing a sign, especially in a high location, can be much easier said than done, however. At SAS Rope & Rail, we employ rope access technicians who can safely install your company’s sign to the best promotional effect.

There are various boxes that we tick when effectively installing corporate signage. For example, we make sure that the signage is positioned rightly and aligned correctly and precisely. We also ensure that, whether it is backlit or lit by an external source, the signage remains good-looking and easy to read in natural sunlight or with artificial illumination.

Convenience and good timing with our installation services

While, understandably, you might want your signage installed in a high place or near busy roads to ensure especially good visibility, the task of such installation can be dangerous.

Thankfully, we can safely install such signage – and, by working outside office hours, prevent disruption to your company’s day-to-day corporate routine. Our rope access methods enable us to avoid using a cradle system, which can too easily break down, and minimise disturbance to pedestrians and vehicle traffic flow near the installation works.

Your relationship with us will start when you contact us for a quote. If you accept our quote, we will visit the site where you wish the signage to be installed, assess that site and its access routes, and then draw up a plan to carry out the installation work at a time that is convenient for you.

We offer a variety of large format printing, so If you would like to learn more or request a quote, please use the online contact form or call us on +44 1793 644908.
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