When you own or maintain a large building, organising the cleaning of the windows can seem like a mammoth task. However, if you opt for rope access window cleaning, rather than undergo the lengthy process of having scaffolding erected or installing a cradle system in order for the cleaning to be done, you will find that your windows look wonderfully clean much faster and for much lower cost than ever before.

Why choose Rope Access window cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning is undertaken by fully trained professionals and is perfectly safe. This is a fast and unique approach to window cleaning that will cause the most minimal disruption to your business, and for your protection and peace of mind we hold full employers’ liability and public liability insurance for every job we undertake.

Rope access for window cleaning is one of the most cost effective access solutions available and in fact industrial rope access boasts the best safety statistics within the access industry in the UK.

The key benefits of using rope access:

  • Windows are cleaned without the need for expensive cradle equipment, reducing capital build costs, insurance and ongoing maintenance.
  • Minimal disturbance to building occupants, pedestrians or vehicle traffic flow
  • High quality of clean due to the close contact to the windows
  • Peace of mind – cradle systems are at risk of breaking down which can require staff rescue

Don’t overlook the importance of clean windows

On your business premises, dirty windows can have many different drawbacks – more than you might have previously realised. They can, for a start, blight the morale of your employees when they glance through a window only to be distracted by unsightly marks and blotches on the surface. Furthermore, the windows could be the first things they see as they approach the building.

Worse, however, it could adversely affect how many people – including potential clients and customers – see the business itself. Should your company often welcome and negotiate with such people on the premises, rather than simply via phone or email, they probably won’t garner a positive first impression of your business. Therefore, if your firm’s operations are running smoothly and efficiently, this could count for surprisingly little should the windows not be sufficiently clean.

No, cleaning windows doesn’t have to be a lost cause

Your company’s image and, as a result, corporate performance could be hampered due to unclean windows. However, there could be seemingly very viable practical reasons why you are unable to clean the building’s windows as well as, indeed, many other parts of the building.

For example, those windows could be especially large, making cleaning them highly time-consuming. Or, perhaps, they could simply be located especially high on the building – making the task of regularly cleaning them an arduous one through traditional means.

Our rope access window cleaners have the skills and equipment to get to commonly hard-to-reach areas. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, rope access cleaning is much more efficient, cost-effective and safe, with minimum disruption to the client or the building. We warmly invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about these benefits and how we can realise them for your company.

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