Another year, another 5* RISQS Audit!

SAS Rope & Rail Ltd are extremely pleased to have yet again achieved the maximum result of 5 stars in this year’s RISQS Audit. Having received 5 stars over the last few years, the pressure was really on this year to keep up this high standard, and to prove to the new RISQS Auditors that […]

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SAS Rope & Rail achieve the maximum score of 5 Stars in the annual RISQS Audit

It’s been a very busy time here at SAS Rope & Rail Ltd (we’ll be filling you in on what we’ve been up to in a later blog), and part of this has been the annual RISQS Audit, run by Achilles. The Auditor visited our Head Office in Swindon for 3 days in May, and […]

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Why Choose Rope Access For Rail Maintenance

There’s no doubt that keeping the railways in perfect, working order is of incredible importance. Trains keep people going to work on time, help families see each other and can be the beginning of a once in a lifetime adventure… but what’s the best way to keep on top of it? At SAS Rope and […]

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5 Rope Access Techniques in the Industry

Rope access is thought of as one of the most efficient ways to complete a variety of work, ranging from building maintenance to railway bridge inspections. However, due to it being a highly skilled trade and containing potential hazards, it’s necessary that we implement certain techniques throughout – this aids us in making sure that […]

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Why Is Rope More Efficient Than Scaffolding?

When it comes to building maintenance, especially on higher floors, you are faced with two main options – that of rope access, and that of scaffolding. Both get the job done but which is the more efficient way? Here at SAS Rope and Rail, we truly believe that rope access is the way forward… and […]

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Rope Access FAQ

There are various situations in which you could recognise the potential usefulness of rope access. Those includes wanting a thorough inspection of a bridge or other structure that you suspect might have become damaged in a vital spot, noticing that some bulbs have gone out in awkward-to-reach lighting, or seeking to better promote your company […]

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Rope Access Safety: why is it Important to the Industry?

Being a rope access technician can be daunting. Just ask Simon Wroe, who sampled the experience of being one for an article on The Guardian‘s website. Wroe recalled how he remained downbeat even while in the midst of Rats – as rope access technicians have been nicknamed – rigging ropes that would theoretically ensure he […]

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5 Advantages of Working with Rope Access Specialists

The definition of rope access is, on the face of it, straightforward. On its website, IRATA International describes its rope access system as “a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the workplace, and to be supported there.” However, you would need to […]

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What drives a person to work in industrial abseiling?

Are you tasked with looking after a building or structure that, perhaps due to having a unique design or daunting height, has typically hard-to-reach spots? If so, you should seriously consider contacting us to seek assistance from one of our rope access technicians. However, what leads people to take up industrial abseiling as a job? […]

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London’s historical links with trains

Looking at how London – and, indeed, Britain as a whole – changed in the nineteenth century, it’s hard to overlook the influence of the development of the railways. While there had long been horse-drawn waggons on tracks, there was less need for horses to be used in this way as the British railways advanced. […]

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