When it comes to building maintenance, especially on higher floors, you are faced with two main options – that of rope access, and that of scaffolding. Both get the job done but which is the more efficient way? Here at SAS Rope and Rail, we truly believe that rope access is the way forward… and here’s why:


When you tally up the costs of rope access and compare them to the costs of scaffolding, rope access is the real winner –  there are far more hidden costs when it comes to the former choice. Scaffolding requires more equipment, costs more because it takes longer to complete (as you have to pay for time taken to erect the scaffolding as well as the time it takes to complete all maintenance), and in certain circumstances needs a permit, making it a far pricier job. At SAS Rope and Rail, we only charge you for the necessities – there are no hidden prices. You get an exceptional job and can be confident in the fact that you won’t be paying an extortionate fee.


When it comes to our rope access services, you can be assured that there will be minimal disruption. This, especially if you require people to be entering and exiting the building throughout the day, is incredibly important when it comes down to maintenance – should the building look slightly chaotic, it could put off customers or visitors from coming inside. Due to its lack of aesthetic appeal, scaffolding has the potential to lose your business. Rope access is an approach which causes far less disturbance and is less noticeable. Instead of the bulk which accompanies scaffolding, we do the job with less equipment and in a far more graceful manner – your clients or customers might not even realise that we’re there, meaning the work won’t have an impact on the business.


With so many heavy materials lying around, it’s not overly surprising that scaffolding, though not thought of as entirely unsafe, is not the safest way to carry out maintenance. Scaffolding has caused injury in the past, especially with poor weather conditions such as strong winds, and if it’s not erected correctly, then the danger that accompanies it can be shocking. However, with rope access, you can be content in the knowledge that the work being undertaken is being done so safely. Our technicians are well trained in their trade and are aware of all possible hazards that they may face within their work. Before we start a job, we will carry out a full risk assessment and write a method statement which is open for review with the client. We take health & safety very seriously, and have been accredited by SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, and are RISQS Approved.

To summarise, we are confident that rope access is far more efficient than scaffolding. If you’re looking for outstanding services, with rope access seen as a cheaper, quicker, and a safer approach, we encourage you to contact us on 01793 644908 to learn more about what SAS Rope and Rail can do for you.

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