There’s no doubt that keeping the railways in perfect, working order is of incredible importance. Trains keep people going to work on time, help families see each other and can be the beginning of a once in a lifetime adventure… but what’s the best way to keep on top of it? At SAS Rope and Rail, we thoroughly believe that rope access is the best way to keep on top of rail maintenance, and here’s why:

Efficiency is Key

Rope access is well regarded for its efficiency when it comes to maintenance, be it for buildings or even the railways. Though we do require possession of the tracks before we start working, which can take upwards of a few hours, once we do arrive we make sure that we start the job quickly and thoroughly. With less equipment than other techniques, once we get the approval we need we can begin to fix whatever issues await us.


We Can Help Fix it All

Due to the training undertaken at SAS Rope and Rail, we are able to solve a whole assortment of issues. We work on a variety of aspects when it comes to rail maintenance – high level cleaning, station roof repairs and railway bridge inspections are only naming a few. Whether the issue arises in a confined space, or at a location high up, we can fix it for you. After working on rail maintenance for well over a decade, you can guarantee that we’ve seen it all before – with vast experience within the industry, you can be sure that we’ll get the job done well. We make sure that we’re incredibly open with all of clients, allowing them to know exactly what is going on and when – gaining a mutual respect is of great importance to us.


A Proven Record

Huge names within the railway business are fond of using rope access – we’ve even completed projects for companies such as Network Rail using this technique. With companies such as this investing within rope access, you can be assured that they’ve got faith in rope access as a system and us as a business. Alongside this we’ve also helped in projects including the Fourth Bridge and have carried out work at whole variety of stations, including the famous Paddington Station. You definitely won’t be alone in choosing rope access as your preference in rail maintenance.


Get Your Results Safely

Rail maintenance does come with risks. When you have people working on the lines, in confined spaces or even up a height, it’s important to know that those who are out there are confident in the fact that they’re not in danger. Rope access is one of the safest techniques when it comes to this. Not only has everyone who works within this industry has been highly trained, we also make sure that our workers are taught about all potential hazards, with a Health and Safety Consultant also available for advice.

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