Are you tasked with looking after a building or structure that, perhaps due to having a unique design or daunting height, has typically hard-to-reach spots? If so, you should seriously consider contacting us to seek assistance from one of our rope access technicians. However, what leads people to take up industrial abseiling as a job? Here’s an interesting insight…


A Rat is not in the kitchen but instead abseiling

For many of us, the idea of being suspended several feet in the air can feel daunting or even scary – especially if it’s concrete that we would be suspended over. Still, it remains clear that many of us genuinely have a head for heights. It’s not too hard to discern why such people might want to become “Rats”, as rope access technicians are known by people in the industry.

The Guardian has observed: “Most Rats are climbers and cavers who realised they could get paid to do what they love.” Nikodem “Niko” Strzeciwilk, a Rat of many years’ experience, admitted that he joined his industrial rope access course “only for the adventure,” adding: “I didn’t even think about the job.” Hence, you would probably assume that there must be no lack of daredevils among Rats.


Being fit for the job – in more ways than one

Being a Rat also calls for good physical fitness. Naturally, people who are keen on climbing and caving already have a head start in that area. “It’s a physical job,” Strzeciwilk has acknowledged, before conceding: “I wouldn’t like to do this when I’m 40. It’s like an athlete; it’s not a long career.” The Guardian writer Simon Wroe admitted, after trying a rope access routine himself, to his surprise at “the stress on my body – and I’m not using an 8kg drill or trying to pull myself back up.”


London, a “toy town”? Yes, really

However, the opportunity to reach possibly unchartered areas could also appeal. “Sometimes it’s three o’clock in the morning and you’re somewhere where, probably, no-one’s been in their life,” Adam Garre, an ex-tradesman who took up rope access work, has explained. “The world is going by and no-one knows you’re there. And you think: ‘This is breathtaking.'”

Abseilers could even capture some impressive shots on camera while they are in the air. By way of example, Guy Hayhow has taken some awe-inspiring views of London from high up. He has snapped images using an iPhone attached to a lanyard around his neck – and, fortunately for many people who wouldn’t be keen on following him into industrial abseiling, posted the pictures to Instagram.

Hayhow told the London Evening Standard: “When you’re up quite high, London can feel like a bit of a toy town… you’ve got HMS Belfast looking like you can pick it up and move it about from the top of the Shard.” Ultimately, though, whatever reasons people have for embarking on industrial abseiling work, you can benefit from their enthusiasm – read about the services that we offer in this area.

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